Rocking .fett koncept


A general notion, idea or abstract principle.
Koncept is used in so many ways and it’s difficult to formulate one definition to get a clear idea of what a koncept really is.

To us this sounds just awesome.
This means the .fett koncept can stand for more things than one and we don’t have make sense to everyone.

And that’s exactly right, we have too many ideas to use just one and if you like it, you like it.

The need for improvisation and space to move in any way we want is super important to us and gives us the freedom we need.

.fett can mean many things but one of the .fett-meanings we like most is “fair eco-friendly top-notch threads”, because it sums up pretty much what we are trying to do here.
Using fair organic quality products that help us create the best threads we can in a positive way so we can send our .fett vibes across the globe.

.fett koncept